Just a Kid From Surabaya – My Ten Years Journey in Sydney

I ‘borrow’ the title from LeBron James when he returned to Cleveland Cavaliers to play for them. Physically there to help my city (and its people) is something that I would dream of, but given the current circumstances I am still unable to do so.

Just a Kid from Surabaya

Ten years ago, I came to Sydney to study at the University of New South Wales. I was pretty psyched! It was five years too late for me, but people said ‘it’s better late than never’.

The first year was tough for me if it wasn’t for my great friend, PYM. At that time, I had not met him for five years because he had been studying outside Surabaya. However, we have been friend since first day of Junior High School! I read my old emails reminiscing how I complained about Sydney’s cold weather even when it was only 19 degrees (I wear shorts now when it’s 19 degrees). At that time I also met a PhD student named Mamato, from Central Java. He turned out to be the one that went through thick and thin with me all these years!

Two years later, I graduated from grad school with two masters but ZERO experience and in the midst of applying for Permanent Residency. That’s quite bad…  actually, that was REALLY bad! I wasn’t lucky enough to secure permanent position that I had to take a position at David Jones Bondi Junction. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I met all kinds of customers and workmates. Some of my David Jones mates become very close mates to me… even the one in Mexico! I learned A LOT about life when I was in David Jones. I became aware about how lucky I was and I thank God for it.

My subsequent work life was very colourful, ranging from a company whose employees I knew all quit within a year to the one with quite a lot of different people from different nationalities. These days I have ex-workmates/friends all around the world, even when I am only working in Sydney. Thanks to facebook and twiter I got to talk to them quite frequently as if they weren’t that far away.

Bloggers Life

I have loved food for as long as I can remember! My neighbours used to tell me stories how I got invited to their houses to eat with their children. That was how much I LOVE eating! I started my all about food blog five years ago carrying the same love I’ve got for food.

I have also grown fondness to politics in the last few years. I am grateful that I met great people when they were studying in Sydney. I am also getting a lot closer to my friends back home that we actually form a group called Bamboe Roentjing. We talked about everything: from something as random as someone is in love to ‘heavy’ stuff.

Family Life

I had to take a few months off job when I was about to get married in Indonesia. It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life, not to mention the joy of shaking the hands of more than 4,000 people at our wedding days!

I am lucky to find a wife who loves to read (I hate reading!) and go to the library. Apparently, quite a lot of parents go to the library in Sydney. I met a whole range of new friends through my wife’s connection in the library.

Just a Kid from Surabaya

Even when I am already ten years away from Surabaya, I am still just a kid from Surabaya. My heart belongs there. I am sad when people try to ruin her name and I hope politicians don’t destroy my beautiful city for the sake of their tummies!

Just a Kid from Surabaya

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