Give Our Children a Chance

Give Our Children A Chance

I am not trying to be some inspirational speakers or some random guy who gives you a speech about life. This is merely my note to remind myself and (hopefully) it can be a reminder for you who reads this as well…. and partially it’s also the urge to write about the topic that suddenly…

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Learning to be creative | A Keynote by Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson at EduTECH

For those of you who doesn’t know Sir Ken Robinson, his bio can be found in wiki. I was fortunate enough to hear his keynote ‘talk’ at EduTECH┬áconference on the third of June, 2014.┬áHis TEDTalks in 2006 was said to be the most watched (26million+) TEDTalks of all time. Introduction Education has become a very…

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